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Jordan was Thursday picked by G-8 Group to benefit from its e-government and the abridgement of digital gap initiative.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, Wednesday, received a message from Pakistani President Perevez Musharraf dealing with bilateral relations and the situation between Pakistan and India
His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday discussed Jordanian-U.S. relations with U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Meyers. The talks centered on areas of cooperation between the two countries` armed force including the U.S. military aid to Jordan.
Arab League Secretary General Amr Musa, Wednesday, briefed His Majesty King Abdullah on the league`s preparations for the Arab summit scheduled to be held in Beirut next March .
His Majesty King Abdullah II, Tuesday, met U. S. Assistant Secretary of State of Political Military Affairs Lincoln Bloomfield .
His Majesty King Abdullah II returned home Monday after a visit to China and Singapore.
His Majesty King Abdullah II discussed with Chinese officials of Suzo indusgtrial zone, Shanghai, the future of Aqaba Special Economic Zone.
His Majesty King Abdullah II pledged commitment to hold general parliamentary elections this year , saying" Jordan`s parliamentary life is a special characteristic distinguishing Jordanian political march".
His Majesty King Abdullah II and China`s President Jiang Zeimin Thursday at The Great Peoples` Hall held talks where they affirmed their countries` keenness to bolster joint cooperation and to strengthen economic, political and cultural ties.
His Majesty King Abdullah II is due Thursday to start an official visit to China where he will meet with Chinese President Ziang Zemen and representatives of firms and economic activities in Peking, Shanghai and Hong Kong.