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His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed on the role of the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs) in supporting the national economy, its role in providing job opportunities and increasing exports to the American and European markets.
23 Dec. 2004
His Majesty King Abdullah II received on Thursday, Chairman of the Foreign Operations Appropriations subcommittee at the US Congress Jim Kolbe and his accompanying delegation.
His Majesty King Abdullah II called on Israel to support the Palestinian leadership's efforts which aim at holding elections in a suitable climate.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Wednesday sent a letter to the King's Advisor for Security Affairs/ Director of the General Intelligence Department and Rapporteur of the State Security Council General Sa'ed Kheir entrusting him with drawing up a security plan that could cope up with the march of administrative reform and political development and modernization programs being undertaken by the government help progress and prosper and fulfill legitimate hopes of he Jordanian people.
His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed the importance of preserving the unity of the Iraqi people, affirming the importance of a comprehensive participation in the Iraqi elections.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Wednesday visited the Armed Forces Headquarters.
His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed the importance of returning back to the negotiating table and resuming peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis as soon as possible. He also noted to the importance of seizing the current opportunity to revive the peace process and put the peace process back on its proper track.
His Majesty King Abdullah II and Syrian President Bashar Assad discussed, on Monday in a telephone call, the regional situation.
The House of Deputies affirmed that the Jordanian citizen is the country's dearest asset that represents the means and the end of development.
The Senate stressed that God willing and under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the modern Jordan, in which citizens enjoy safety, stability, welfare and comprehensive development, will be achieved.