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His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday stressed that the international community should intensify its efforts to ensure the resumption of peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis, to arrive at a comprehensive, just and viable peace.
His Majesty King Abdullah, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, visited the King Abdullah II Third Armoured Division on Monday, where he was received by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Gen. Mashal Al Zaben and the division's commander.
His Majesty King Abdullah will participate in the NATO summit, hosted by the UK on September 4-5.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday reaffirmed that Jordan will continue coordinating efforts with all stakeholders to ensure a permanent end of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
His Majesty King Abdullah received the credentials of newly-appointed ambassadors to the Kingdom at the Basman Palace on Sunday.
Jordan will continue to offer humanitarian and medical assistance to the residents of Gaza, boost the capabilities of the Jordanian field hospital there, and help rebuild Palestinian homes destroyed during the Israeli aggression, His Majesty King Abdullah said on Wednesday.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday reaffirmed that Jordan has always exhibited the determination and ability to overcome emerging challenges of all kinds.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday stressed his full support to all the committees entrusted with preparing a future vision of the national economy, coupled with an executive plan, urging them to place the interests of Jordanians at the core of their work.
His Majesty King Abdullah, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, on Monday attended an evening exercise performed by the army’s Joint Special Operations Command.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday stressed that the country’s stability and fortitude are the result of citizens’ awareness as well as the joint efforts of state institutions, army and security bodies.