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We Are All Jordan

For a nation to achieve good governance there must be spaces for people to express their concerns, participate in their own development and form national consensus. “We Are All Jordan” forums are an initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, created to give Jordanians from all walks of life an unprecedented opportunity to speak out. In July 2006, “We Are All Jordan Youth” Forum gathered 750 Jordanians from a variety of sectors gathered at the Dead Sea for a series of discussions and voting sessions, to create a list of the most urgent issues facing the country.

The first priority highlighted by the national forum was the need for policies to aid the development of citizenship and a sense of belonging. Other critical issues included national security, good governance and greater independence for the judiciary, alleviating poverty, improving human rights, the fight against terror and takfiri ideology, and educational development. An independent Palestinian state, financial stability, health care and comprehensive health insurance, political party development, and attracting investments, as well as Iraq’s unity and sovereignty, were also on the list.

In light of these recommendations, King Abdullah sought the creation of the We Are All Jordan Commission, grouping government and policymakers in a royal advisory body to speed the implementation of the forum's recommendations. A youth commission followed later the same year, tasked with increasing the engagement and political participation of the country's young people. The youth commission is forming working groups throughout the Kingdom to unify the younger generation's demands and proposals and motivate them to engage in the development process. Other initiatives of the youth forum have included a proposal for a new micro-finance fund, national awards for youth achievement and a national council for youth excellence.